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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More About PeonySTreet - Why We All Come In a Bag

From Dottie Rose:
When Bebe was a little girl, about 6, she had a favorite Raggedy Ann doll that I purchased for her. She played and played with that doll. One day, the doll was ruined by some water that flooded the basement. Bebe really wanted another Raggedy Ann. Her Granny Lil was making lots of Raggedy Ann's at the time, in all sizes. I told her maybe Granny Lil would make her one if she asked.

Bebe was so cute when she asked her Granny for a doll! She was so shy about it!

A few weeks later, after church, Granny Lil told Bebe to look in our car. In the back seat was a brown paper bag, like a lunch sack. Bebe opened the bag, and there was a new Raggedy Ann doll, handmade by Granny Lil! Bebe was so happy! Granny Lil had already gone home, so Bebe wrote her a thank you note (with my help)! She LOVED the doll! It was even better than the one I bought for her! The doll was just her size, and all the clothing was removeable, complete with elastic and snaps, and an apron! Perfect!

A few weeks later, after church, Granny Lil told Bebe to look in the back seat of our car again. There was another paper sack. Inside was a Raggedy Andy, complete with a hat, to go with her Annie! Bebe was really happy then! She loved both of the dolls. And she still has them to this day.

Bebe: I've made cloth bags for all my dolls because of this - it reminds me of how I got my dolls from Granny Lil!

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