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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More of the Story of PeonySTreet

Peony: "This is my Hannie Jo. I couldn't say my 'g's' when I was really little, so she's Hannie. Her middle name is Jo, so Hannie Jo. She's the oldest of the Peony Street bunch. Mommie says her hands don't work so well anymore, so she just gives advice."

Bebe: "That's not exactly what I said, Peony! I said she 'advises' us! Wisdom comes with age, and we all should listen to our elders, most of the time."

Peony: "Okay, mommie. That means I should listen to you, right?"

Bebe: "Yes that's right. Now continue with your story."
Peony: "Hannie Jo is the one who wants me to wear a scarf all the time, just like her, so I won't get a ear ache. Peony # 6 "Summer Picnic" is wearing one.  The shirt she's wearing is from an old dress Bebe and her sister used to wear, that was a hand-me-down from their cousin."
Bebe: "Almost right, Peony. the fabric the shirt was made from is a scrap from the dress Granny Lil made our cousin, that was a hand-me-down to us. The fabric from the shirt was never worn. It is a cotton sateen. I loved that dress! I felt like a princess in it!
Speaking of summer picnics. . . one of my best memories is of my mom, Dottie Rose, setting out a picnic for me in the springtime. All my siblings were in school. I was too young to even go in first grade. She made a jelly sandwich for me and wrapped it in waxed paper. She set out the blanket in the backyard, and brought out a carton of chocolate milk with my sandwich. It was a beautiful, blue sky and white cloud day!"
Peony: "Sounds like fun! Maybe we can have a picnic together!"
Bebe: "Yes, maybe we can!"

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