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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Peony #7 "Summer Birthday"

Peony # 7 is here! She's all done.

Peony: She's my twin! (I'm Peony #3, the one you see on the web banner.) She looks a lot like me, but a little different. Her hatbox is a little different, and her crown party hat is a little different too, right, Bebe?

Bebe: Right, Peony! She has a special scalloped edge hatbox. That thing looks good enough to eat! Everything turned out so well on this special Peony!

Peony: What makes me so special anyway? (I think I know, but I'm asking anyway!)

Bebe: Well, you have several "signatures".

Peony: What's that?

Bebe: A signature is something special that is only yours. One of your signatures is your pretty little hair flower. Every Peony doll that's made has a flower in her hair. Another signature is the tag on your back. No pictures of this will be taken, as this is one of the things each new owner will take delight in looking for when she recieves her doll. You also have a belly button!!

Peony: I knew it!! That's what I thought was special about me!

Bebe: There's more - it's everything about you, how you are made, how you feel when being held. You ARE really special!!! I love you So Much!

Peony: I love you too, Bebe!

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