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Friday, June 19, 2009

"The Usual Suspects" or: "Playroom Chaos"

A h h h h h h h. . . . .! They look sooooo innocent, don't they?
Especially the one in the upper left corner. That's "T."
From Bebe: I couldn't find my color wheel this morning.
From T. : Like you need a color wheel!?
Bebe: Yes, occasionally!
T.: What for?
Bebe: Well, I have to color coordinate an outfit. . .
T.: For who? Me?
Bebe: Ah, no. It's for Peony #8.
T.: I just knew it. I told everybody we weren't getting new clothes! Again!!!!
Bebe: All in due time, T. All in due time.
T.: ("Sh h h h. Hey, I think she's had too much coffee! That color wheel is right in front of her face on the table!")

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